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Healing is self-directed, dynamic, collaborative, and encompasses the mind, body and spirit. I encourage clients to support their mental health healing through the incorporation of additional practices and fields of medicine. Here are some trusted providers that Akmazo works with.


Michael and Iris Wolf practice the following modalities to restore balance to the structural integrity of the body, health of the fascia, strength of the immune system, and resilience of the nervous system:

Postural Integration, Polarity Therapy, Pranic Healing, Sports Massage, Lymphatic Stimulation, Muscle Energy Technique, Functional Indirect Technique and Functional Craniosacral Techniques, Fascial Strain / Counterstrain, Craniosacral Therapy and Visceral Manipulation, Cranial Fluid Dynamics work and Mulligan Concept technique.

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Pohala Clinic PC in Portland, Oregon, is an integrative family medicine practice headed up by Julie Foster, FNP, MSN. The practice meets the health care needs of people of all ages with conventional and alternative strategies. The practitioners possess a wealth of knowledge and experience in a variety of traditional and natural therapies; patients can have their needs met when it comes to pediatric care, urgent care, nutrition support, and hormone balancing. Integrative support in the form of naturopathy, herbal medicine, acupuncture, massage, and cranial sacral therapy are available. Julie is also a specialist in mental health therapy and natural cancer support.

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Dr. Kat Bodden practices alternative medicine to support the reduction of inflammation and the deep healing of the gut, immune system system and lymphatic system within the body. Dr. Kat utilizes naturopathic medicine, homeopathy, muscle testing, flower essences, nutritional guidance and nueral therapy to aid clients in their deep healing.

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Corrina Porterfield practices multi-dimensional medicine incorporating massage, energy work, spiritual healing, mental and emotional alchemy. She works with dreams, visions, intuitions, spirits, the Earth, the Cosmos and techniques of Mayan, Andean and Celtic shamanism to facilitate transformative healing.


Pilates and MELT Method Instructor

Lucero Barry is the owner and primary teacher at Studio Reset in the NW district of Portland.  Lucero teaches both the classical Pilates Method of exercise and the MELT Method of self-care for nervous system rebalancing.  In 2000, Lucero completed a rigorous certification program with Romana Kryzanowska, a pupil of Joseph Pilates himself, and with master-teacher Bob Liekens.  Since 2012, Lucero has become an advanced level MELT Method instructor by Sue Hitzmann, the Method's creator.

Pilates and MELT Method utilize body movement, muscular strengthening and fascial recalibration to support physical alignment and emotional release.


Voice Coach

Mark is a voice coach and mentor who emphasizes the importance of somatic embodiment and energetic movement as much as skill improvement in vocal training. Mark works with musicians looking to improve their singing performance, as well as with individuals seeking increased capacity in self-expression and unblocking their throat chakra. Voice coaching can be a supportive modality for those who have endured emotional or physical abuse as a way of increasing boundary setting, communication and confidence.

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As a Body Positive Nutritionist and Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Makena is devoted to whole-person, client-centered care. She cultivates healthy bodies and minds while addressing problems at the root cause, using the latest evidence-based medicine. Her healing and nutrition approach emphasizes HAES, body positivity, and weight diversity.

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